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Modern movies set in the 1920's or about the silent movie era(Sill working on the list but if you wish to add send a note)

:bulletred: It's a Wonderful Life 1946
:bulletred: Singing in the rain 1952
:bulletred: Sunset boulevard 1950
:bulletred: What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? 1962
:bulletred: Bonnie and Clyde 1967
:bulletred: Thoroughly Modern Millie 1967
:bulletred: Cabaret 1972
:bulletred: The Sting 1973
:bulletred: Paper Moon 1973
:bulletred: Chinatown 1974
:bulletred: The Great Gatsby 1974
:bulletred: Bugsy Malone 1976
:bulletred: Bernice Bobs Her Hair 1976
:bulletred: She Fell Among Thieves  1978
:bulletred: Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht 1979
:bulletred: Ragtime 1981
:bulletred: The Cotton Club 1984
:bulletred: The Untouchables 1987
:bulletred: Harlem Nights 1989
:bulletred: Billy Bathgate 1991
:bulletred: Fried Green Tomatoes 1991
:bulletred: Enchanted April 1992
:bulletred: A River Runs Through It 1992
:bulletred: Chaplin 1992
:bulletred: Shadows and Fog 1992
:bulletred: Gypsy 1993
:bulletred: Bullets Over Broadway 1994
:bulletred: Baby Face Nelson 1995
:bulletred: Cold Comfort Farm 1995
:bulletred: Last Man Standing 1996
:bulletred: Photographing Fairies 1997
:bulletred: FairyTale: A True Story 1997
:bulletred: The Newton Boys 1998
:bulletred: The Mummy 1999
:bulletred: Chicago 2002
:bulletred: Shadow of the Vampire 2001
:bulletred: The Cat's Meow 2001
:bulletred: The Aviator 2004
:bulletred: Idlewild 2006
:bulletred: Public Enemy 2009

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